Love Island contestant Ollie Williams has decided to leave the series after three days after telling producers he’s in love with someone else.


However, that leaves fellow contestant Paige Turley, Lewis Capaldi's ex who was coupled up with Ollie, single once again.

Here’s what we think will happen to Paige now that Ollie’s left the villa:

What happens to Paige now Ollie has left?

Love Island has not yet said what will happen to Paige, but based on previous series, it is likely she will become single.

The last series of Love Island saw Sherif Lanre removed from the villa for breaking rules on Day 9. Sherif’s exit left Anna Vakili single, which meant that she was at risk of being dumped from the villa during the recoupling. However, Anna and other single girl Maura were invited to go on dates with new boys Jordan Hames and Tom Walker instead.

During the 2018 series of Love Island, Niall Aslam, who was coupled up with Georgia Steel, quit the show for personal reasons after nine days in the villa. Georgia was made single and partnered with Josh Denzel two days later in the recoupling.

What will happen in tonight's episode?

Tonight’s episode was filmed the day before Ollie left the villa, so he will still feature in the show tonight. Love Island will address Ollie’s exit in a future episode.

Love Island’s first look for tonight’s episode showed Ollie land himself in hot water after Paige found out that he was also interested in Siannise. Paige calls Ollie for a chat, but tensions rise as Ollie denies having a wandering eye.

Love Island's Paige and Ollie

What will happen if a new boy doesn't enter the villa before the recoupling?

At the moment, Shaughna Phillips and Leanne Amaning are the single girls in the villa after twins Eve and Jess Gale coupled up with Callum Jones and Mike Boateng. Therefore, unless they partner up with another boy during the recoupling, they are at risk of being dumped from the villa.

Now Ollie has left the series, three girls are at risk of being eliminated from the series if they do not recouple at the end of the week and another boy does not replace Ollie.


Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 at 9pm