Who are the Love Island 2020 couples? Full list of pairings

The fastest moving relationships on TV!


Winter Love Island is underway and as fans of the ITV2 series know all too well, you have to be in a couple to stay on the show and win the prize money.


With the potential for multiple couplings, dumpings, dramatic fall-outs and steamy romance, it’s hard to keep up with who’s with who.

We have collated a handy guide to help you keep on track with all the Love Island 2020 couples in the South African villa.

Who are the Love Island 2020 couples?

Sophie Piper and Connagh Howard

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Sophie and Connagh – Key Facts

Ages: 21 and 27

Coupled up since: Day six

Although Sophie was coupled up with Connor on day dot, she soon found herself in a ‘Connor cocktail’ with the arrival of bombshell Connagh. Which guy would she pick? The decision was taken out of her hands when Connagh chose to pair up with Sophie in day six’s recoupling ceremony.

Jess Gale and Nas Majeed

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Jess and Nas – Key Facts

Ages: 20 and 23

Coupled up since: Day six

Not a couple with any mutual attraction, Nas was forced to pair up with Jess in day six’s recoupling ceremony.

Siannise Fudge and Connor Durman

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Siannise and Connor – Key Facts

Ages: both 25

Coupled up since: Day six

As a couple, Siannise and Connor aren’t the happiest. Both were hoping to pair up with other islanders – Siannise had her eyes on Connagh, while Connor was hoping to become a duo with Sophie. However, could this friendship couple blossom into something more?

Shaughna Phillips and Callum Jones


Shaughna and Callum – Key Facts

Ages: 25 and 23

Coupled up since: Day one (with other partners day two to five)

Although Eve made her mark on the villa by stealing away Callum in a shock twist on day two, Shaughna was reunited with her man on day six.

Paige Turley and Finley Tapp

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Paige and Finley – Key Facts

Ages: 22 and 20

Couple since: Day six

After Ollie chose to quit the villa, Paige joined ‘singles club’ in the villa as she looks to graft two new boys. And fortunately, one of them liked her back: she coupled with Finley in day six’s recoupling

Leanne Amaning and Mike Boateng

Love Island's Leanne and Mike

Leanne and Mike – Key Facts

Age: 22 and 24

Couple since: Day one (were in separate couples from day two to five)

Loveable Leanne was originally coupled up with Mike and the pair seemed to be getting on well, with the customer service advisor promising her beau a kiss on day two. However, he was forced to couple up with Jess on day two. Fortunately, Mike and Leanne were reunited in day six’s recoupling ceremony.


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