Jon Clark is trying REALLY hard to convince us he doesn’t care about Chloe Crowhurst leaving Love Island

Nothing says you don't give a monkey's like constantly tweeting about the show and posting videos to Instagram, eh?


Before Chloe Crowhurst even went into the Love Island villa, it all kicked off between her and rumoured ex-boyfriend Jon Clark.


He claimed they were still together; she was adamant she was single. She denied to that the pair had been living together, or that she led him on at any point. That, we thought, was that.

But now that Chloe has been dumped from the island alongside Sam, it’s all blowing up between the pair yet again.

Posting a video to Instagram on Monday night after Chloe left the ITV2 show, The Only Way is Essex star Jon posted a video of himself drinking a pint at the pub in celebration.

“So guys after watching that episode of Love Island, karma’s a bitch,” he said, before hastily – and quietly – adding: “But you know, I ain’t bothered.”

Hmm, somehow we’re not convinced. Probably because he’s tweeted constantly throughout the show for a month, hit out at Chloe and retweeted comments from people having a pop at her.

Something tells us this is far from over…


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2