Love Island set for huge shock as couples will be split up and moved out of the villa

Their relationships will be put through the ultimate test of loyalty in the big twist


We thought that the biggest drama the Love Island villa would see all week was Kem cutting Tyla’s hair as Amber looked on.


Well, now there’s an absolutely massive bombshell coming for the islanders that could change all of their relationships for good.

A huge twist on the ITV2 show this week will be an ultimate challenge for the couples as all of the boys and the girls are split into separate accommodation.

Then, new islanders are going to be sent in to each of the new villas – so new girls will be sent in to see the boys and new boys will be sent in to meet the girls. Blimey.

A spokesperson for the show told said it was going to be the “ultimate test of loyalty and relationships for existing couples – and a chance for the ones who haven’t found love to find it.”

As long as no-one new steps near Marcel and Gabby, we think we’ll just about be able to cope with this…Just.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2