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Here's who Love Island fans think is going to be dumped in tonight's recoupling

One girl will be turfed out of the villa following tonight’s shock dumping

Published: Monday, 24th June 2019 at 5:17 pm

Yewande will be dumped in tonight’s (24th June) Love Island – according to readers.


A poll by saw 46% of fans predict the 23-year-old scientist will be sent home, after her coupling with Danny hit the rocks.

Having previously explained that she felt “frustrated” at having to constantly reassure Danny that she liked him, Yewande watched as Danny started to get closer with bombshell Arabella – with Danny telling the model he felt they had an “undeniable connection”.

After arguing in the garden, Yewande told Danny that he was welcome to get to know Arabella, although she hoped that they may be able to carry on their relationship.


However, Danny’s head may have been turned too far. He later admitted he hasn’t been given “enough time” to make his decision properly.

The Love Island First Look teaser, available on the app, saw Danny ask Islander Tommy about when he knew to pick his partner Molly-Mae over Maura – confiding that he was still torn between Yewande and Arabella.

Lucie may also be at risk of being dumped tonight, as 32% of readers believed she would be the girl leaving the villa.

Having been made single by the public when partner Joe was voted out, the surfer has failed to make a connection with any of the other boys.

However, Lucie may have a saving grace in the form of close pal Anton, who, after being perpetually pied off by pretty much every woman in the villa, finds himself single.

Lucie Love Island (ITV screenshot)

But will Anton really be prepared to commit to just a friendship coupling with Lucie? Or could she finally be joining Joe in the real world?

The dramatic recoupling is not the only thing happening on Love Island tonight, with Maura confronting Tom about his cocky bravado in front of the lads after the pair won a night in the Hideaway together.

Maura overheard the model when he told the boys that he was excited to see whether Maura would be “all mouth” – which saw her quite rightly tell him to “f*** himself”.

“I’m not going to let anyone talk about me like a piece of garbage,” she later told the girls. “He’s trying to be a lad out there in front of all the boys. I don’t want a lad, I want a gentleman. Someone who is going to talk about me with a bit of respect.”


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV 2


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