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The French version of Bake Off did a ‘Crime Scene’ week and the results were really gross

What the hell, French Bake Off?

Published: Friday, 26th October 2018 at 11:13 am

The Great British Bake Off is probably the UK’s most genteel television offering, with the only moments of genuine horror coming when someone uses someone else’s custard.


But the French edition of the hit show is seemingly quite different, featuring some ghoulish themes for their latest Showstopper challenge.

It was more sacre bleurgh than sacre bleu as the contestants in Le Meilleur Patissier were tasked with basing their patisserie perfections around crime scenes – presumably because it’s Halloween.

One particularly grim offering featured a sliced up cat with its eyeballs gouged out.

And another bloodied bake featured a knife already stuck in it, which is removed to access sweet treats.

It was up to the French Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith (Cyril Lignac and Jacqueline Mercorelli) to choose which wholly unappealing bake was the winner.

Back across the pond to our Bake Off, it's been revealed that this year’s final will see the contestants do a task outside the show’s infamous white marquee for the first time.

During the final, the contestants will be in the tent for the showstopper and the signature challenge, which will see the trio tackle doughnuts (hopefully their efforts are far more appetising than what was offered on The Apprentice).

But Channel 4 has not given any details of the task or the location for the technical, apart from saying it is "deceptively simple".

Great British Bake Off 2018 finalists

Our finalists, Kim-Joy, Rahul and Ruby, are all evenly matched – having each won Star Baker twice.

However, some viewers have accused fan-favourite Rahul of ‘cheating’ after the 30-year-old was caught continuing to decorate his bakes after time was up.

Host Sandi Toksvig has since weighed in on the criticism, calling Rahul charming.

“He’s a really charming man with very little self-confidence and an astonishing talent," she explained. "Everybody is doing their best. These are not telly people. These are people who have decided to put themselves forward to do something that they are passionate about. So, I would hate for there to be a backlash against anybody."


The Great British Bake Off concludes Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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