Big Brother's Matty has responded to suggestions he was caught in the middle of a love triangle with former housemates Jordan and Henry following his surprise eviction from the house last night (16th November).


Matty, a 24-year-old doctor and self-confessed hippy from the Isle of Man, exchanged flirty banter with 26-year-old lawyer Jordan from week one, before Jordan turned his romantic attentions to 25-year-old food critic Henry.

Jordan and Henry have since enjoyed kisses in bed and in the hot tub - but Matty isn't convinced that Jordan fully reciprocates Henry's feelings.

Matty, who is in an open relationship with boyfriend Connor, also described the supposed love triangle as more of a flat "line" which seemed "much bigger on the outside than it was inside the house".

"I could probably say quite a lot about the love triangle... I think it was much bigger on the outside than it was inside the house," Matty exclusively told

"And I don't think triangle is the right shape to describe the feelings. I think it was more of a line - Henry, Jordan, then to me. But there was really no connection after that.

"I'm surprised I was even drawn to Jordan as a friend because we represent opposites - he is a complete cynic."

Matty said it became more challenging to navigate as he, Jordan and Henry shared a friendship group: "It was very complicated because we all exist in the same group with Trish, Yinrun, Jordan and Henry, so we spent all day together and we were friends.

"It was just very hard knowing that Jordan had romantic feelings for me, and navigating that when spending all day together in the same group. And when I found out that Henry had feelings for Jordan, trying to navigate that, as well."

Since leaving the house, Matty suggested that Jordan could direct more of his attention to Henry, but that in his opinion, the pair have more of a friendship developing than anything romantic.

"Their friendship is flowering into whatever it's meant to be, [but] I don't think Jordan feels the same way for Henry," he said. "I also think Jordan has been honest by telling Henry that he just used him as a platonic friend to kiss."

A side by side of Jordan and Henry for Big Brother, with both standing in front of a colourful background
Jordan and Henry for Big Brother. ITV/Initial TV

Meanwhile, Matty also revealed the housemates have plans for a reunion trip next year - providing they all get on at the wrap party after tonight's finale.

"There's a Benidorm trip happening in the springtime - if everyone can be friends at the wrap party tonight! Jenkin wants us to stay in a hostel in the same room, so it can be like the Big Brother house!"

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Last night, Matty was evicted in a surprise twist via a letter from home, which he described as "iconic".

Matty picked Yinrun to read the supportive words from his family, but things took a turn towards the end, as it concluded with a message from Big Brother saying his time in the house was over.

Tonight's finale features remaining housemates Henry, Jordan, Noky, Olivia and Yinrun battling it out for the £100,000 prize, with Matty backing Yinrun for the win.

Big Brother's finale airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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