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Big Brother 2014: Who is Danielle McMahon?

The 25-year-old Catholic lingerie model from Glasgow doesn't believe in gay marriage and idolises God and her mum

Published: Thursday, 5th June 2014 at 9:30 pm

Name: Danielle McMahon


Age: 25

From: Glasgow

Occupation: Lingerie Model

Twitter account? @CLASSICFOX

Three things you should know... 

* Despite being a lingerie model, Danielle is a Catholic and claims to live her life by strict Catholic values.

* Catherine doesn't believe in gay marriage but says she isn't homophobic. She believes in traditional gender roles and feels "the 1950s housewife was a better role model".


* After her time in the Big Brother house, Danielle wants to be a role model for women and young girls and help them aim higher. She's disgusted at the trends at the moment for revealing clothes and doesn't think you need to dress like that to be successful.


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