What do Kim Kardashian and The Great British Bake Off have in common?


They nearly broke the internet.

Bake Off fans were plunged into a furious Twitter debate over whether or not fig rolls are cakes or biscuits after this year’s amateur bakers were tasked with making the sweet treats during the Biscuit Week technical challenge.

“Twitter is about to go into meltdown,” tweeted one fan. “Fig Rolls: Be they biscuits, or be they cakes? #GBBO.”

Cue the confusion:

Arguments were thrown out for fig rolls being biscuits - including one fan who claimed their home in the biscuit aisle in Asda proves they are biscuits:

But some were adamant that Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith were mistaken – with one claiming Wikipedia lists fig rolls as cakes. And if Wikipedia says they’re cakes…

Thankfully we asked olive editor Laura Rowe to settle the debate: so are fig rolls biscuits or cakes?

“The fig roll is definitely a biscuit,” she told Radiotimes.com. “It’s not like a Jaffa Cake, which has an actual sponge for a base (i.e. that makes it a cake!). It has a firm bite to it, more like pastry, if we’re being pedantic.

“And it has enough integrity to withstand dunking in tea. For those reasons alone, they deserve a place in the biscuit tin.”

So there you have it, fig rolls are biscuits.


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