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The Apprentice fans say the wrong candidate was fired

Viewers were baffled when Conor Gilsenan was sent home, and think he was the wrong choice.

Published: Friday, 14th January 2022 at 11:54 am

After a two-year absence, The Apprentice is back on our screens, and it's as wild as ever, with The Apprentice 2022 cast delivering some hilarious quotes and products – and we're only two episodes in.


The second episode saw another contestant leave The Apprentice after his team's disastrous attempt at creating an electric toothbrush aimed at children.

But, according to an exclusive poll, many fans believe former rugby player turned sales executive Conor Gilsenan shouldn't have been the one to go home.

Lord Alan Sugar deemed Conor's app, which featured a wizard collecting plaque to vanquish a dragon, "boring" before firing him. The poll revealed that 80 per cent of voters thought the wrong contestant had been sent home. It comes as no surprise after many took to Twitter to question Lord Sugar's judgement.

Many thought it should have been project manager Aaron Willis who went home instead.

"Connor fired over Aaron?" one viewer tweeted.

Another added: "How was Conor fired over Aaron? Arguably his wizard app was better than the space app. It was the design of the brush and the pitch that lost the task. Can't make sense of this one."

"Very surprised by that firing," another tweeted. "Conor didn't deserve to go. The app was rubbish but the product was horrific. Aaron had a very lucky escape. Bit baffled being honest."

It's the second time in a row the boys lost out to the girls. Last week, Harry Mahmood was fired after his team felt he hadn't voiced his concern about the team's logo – which looked suspiciously similar to the boys' toothbrush prototype this week – in a supportive way.


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