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Radio Times teen survey: the Top 10 most trusted stars according to British teenagers

Who are the most trusted stars among British teenagers from 13-18?

Published: Monday, 15th August 2016 at 9:00 pm

1. Brian Cox

The physicist was rated the most trustworthy star among 13-18 year-olds. Always trust a scientist...


2. Barack Obama

Never trust a politician? Apparently, the leader of the free world is the exception that proves the rule, at least among British teenagers.

3. David Tennant


Still arguably the most-loved star of the modern Doctor Who era, the Scottish actor is also a man you can put your faith in.

4. Emma Watson


Actor, activist, UN ambassador – our overall winner also ranks highly when it comes to trustworthiness.

5. The Queen


From acting royalty to genuine royalty, the Queen is a figure of trust no matter what your age.

6. JK Rowling (writer)

7. Daniel Radcliffe (actor)

8 Ian Hislop (journalist/ TV star)

9. Adele (musician)


10. SacconeJolys (YouTube vloggers)


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