“Oh. He’s called Clint!” This contestant’s name badge on Pointless had everyone confused

You would think the label-making team might want to make a new "CLINT" badge


Note to the Pointless team: if you have a contestant coming in whose name is Clint, maybe think about spacing the L and the I out a little? Or switching fonts? Just a thought.


Fans of the BBC game show were left confused by Clint’s uppercase name badge on Monday night, mistaking the word for something else…

And then there was the dawning realisation:

Of course, this is not the first time the game show, fronted by Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong, has had a Clint. Clints of years gone by have suffered from the exact same problem.

Take this Clint from three years ago:


It might be time for the programme-makers to invest in a special Clint name badge… before things get really out of hand.