New trailer for Blind Date reboot promises a return to the good old days of dating

Forget all this newfangled online dating, Channel 5 is going back to basics


Forget swiping, tweeting, texting and poking (does anyone still do that?), the new series of Blind Date is promising  a return to a simpler time when potential lovebirds met face to face – well, except for that big screen between them – and relied on real-life chemistry, charisma and lashings of innuendo to spark a romance (or not).


Everything we’ve heard suggests that the new series, coming to Channel 5 soon, will indeed stick very closely to the formula that made it such a hit on Saturday nights on ITV in the 80s and 90s.

Hosted by Paul O’Grady, stepping into the shoes of his dear departed friend original host Cilla Black, the show is said to have “been updated for the 21st century” but employs the same basic format and aims to retain “the humour, charm and cheekiness of the original show”.

And while this new trailer doesn’t show us any actual dating, it does hammer home the point that we’re heading back to the good old days of TV dating…


Blind Date is coming to Channel 5 soon