Netfix’s Nailed It is the perfect show to watch if Bake Off makes you feel inadequate

If you're a rubbish baker, you'll be right at home on Netflix's growing hit Nailed It

Nailed It on Netflix

The Great British Bake Off might be must-watch TV, but all those perfect cakes and near-professional bakers are enough to make anyone feel rather meh about their own culinary prowess.


Cue new Netflix show Nailed It. This US show is for amateur bakers who literally are total amateurs – and their collapsed cakes and horrifying creations are proving a huge hit.

The premise sees three bakers tasked with recreating beautiful baked goods to compete for a $10,000 prize. And the results are… hilarious:

Nailed It on Netflix
Nailed It on Netflix (Netflix)

In a world of perfect food pasted all over social media and TV, it’s refreshing to see such underachievement in the kitchen celebrated.

Twitter can’t get enough of it:

Just to whet your appetite a little further, here’s a trailer:


Nailed It is available on Netflix now