Mark Hamill recorded a super creepy voicemail greeting as the Joker

This is SO much better than 'leave a message after the tone'


Like me, you’ve probably never put that much thought into your voicemail message. It’s probably just the automated one they give you. Most of us don’t even bother to record our own name, just leaving it with ‘welcome to the blah blah blah voicemail…’


But DC Comics co-publisher and comic art guru Jim Lee is winning at voicemails this week, revealing he got Mark Hamill to record one for him doing his Joker voice.

Forget ‘leave a message after tone’, Lee’s got Hamill doing all that wicked cackling and devilish jeering of his Joker character (the one from the animated Batman series), even offering various reasons why Lee can’t come to the phone. The most OTT of the lot is that he’s actually being held over a vat of acid. Bad guys always seem to have those to hand, don’t they?


Check it out: