When is Long Lost Family back on TV?

Everything you need to know about the show that makes us cry

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Monday 11th June 2018 on ITV 

Pictured: Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall 

Episode 1 catches up with three families whose lives have been transformed in ways they never imagined. 

Cathie Cutler Evans came to us in 2016 desperate to find her birth mother who had given her up for adoption nearly 50 years before. After uncovered the tragic news that her mum had already passed away, Cathie was reunited with her half-sister Ann in Liverpool. Since meeting the siblings have formed a powerful bond with each other and their brother Mark. But theyÕve all had to come to terms with the fact Cathie will never get to meet their birth mum Adrienne. We discover how building their relationship has given them all the strength to deal with their grief, and find out how Cathie has felt about being welcomed into a huge new family.

We also catch up with John Ayton, who after being adopted as a baby, had longed to find his father Kenneth. John was reunited with his half-brother Steve in 2017 after facing the difficult news that Kenneth had already passed away. But since their meeting, although JohnÕs relationship with his brother has gone from strength to strength, it also underlined just how little he knows about the other side of his family Ð his birth mother, Marlene. JohnÕs need for answers launches an incredible new search, taking him on a journey he never thought possible. 

In our final story, we revisit one of Long Lost FamilyÕs first searchers. Maureen Charlton came to us in series 2 looking for her brother Michael who had been expelled from the family for being gay. But although close as children, after 40 years apart, the siblings couldnÕt just slip back in to the relationship they had back then. We join Michael and Maureen in Brighton to discover what itÕs like to have to get to know each other all over again.


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ITV’s Long Lost Family has become a staple of the TV schedules.


Young, old, rich, poor, leave, remain – it doesn’t matter who you are, the stories of people spending decades searching for the child they never got to raise, or the parent they never got chance to hug, are somehow both heartbreaking and uplifting. Telly doesn’t get more emotional than this!

But how can you apply to be on the show? And when is it back on TV? Here’s everything you need to know…

What is Long Lost Family about?

The programme seeks to reunite families who have been torn apart over the years and are struggling to find each other. This might be a mother looking for a child she was forced to give up after a teenage pregnancy, or someone looking for parents they never had a chance to know. Often children will have grown up in very happy adoptive families, but are still searching for their birth mum decades after they were parted. Sometimes the research process will also shed light on siblings that people never knew existed.

Records can be hazy or non-existent, so often contributors approach the show once the trail runs cold after years of searching. If a relative is found they are encouraged to write a letter to the person searching for them and provide photos before the reunions take place in a mutually convenient location.

Who presents Long Lost Family?

Ever since it began in 2011, the series has been presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell. Both were hand-picked for the job thanks to their empathy with the contributors – Nicky was adopted at four days old and Davina had a difficult relationship with her mother growing up, and was raised by her grandparents. Nicky and Davina have both received widespread praise for the warm way they support those searching for relatives.

When is Long Lost Family back on TV?

We’re expecting another full series in the autumn, but for now, there’s a two-part special, Long Lost Family: Born without a Trace to look forward to, which will air in June. This is the second time the show has done a special programme focussing on ‘foundlings’, babies born without any identifying information or links to their family at all. Thanks to the power of DNA it can now be possible for families to be reunited.

Can I apply for Long Lost Family?

Yes, if you are searching for a relative you can apply for the series by clicking here.

What’s the most important thing to know about Long Lost Family?

This show will make you cry both happy and sad tears, do not attempt to watch it without a box of tissues. Seriously. You have been warned.


Long Lost Family: Born Without a Trace airs on ITV in June. To find out what’s on TV this week, check out our TV Guide.