Joe Wicks’s PE lessons return with help from wife Rosie after hand operation

The body coach returned to his 9am live fitness sessions today despite undergoing hand surgery 48 hours before

Credit: @thebodycoach Instagram

Joe Wicks’s 9am PE lesson looked a bit different this morning, after the fitness coach spent the weekend in hospital recovering from hand surgery.


Unable to exercise with his arm in a sling, Joe enlisted the help of his wife Rosie to demonstrate moves throughout the live 40 minute workout.

Joe was admitted to hospital on Friday after an infection in his hand flared up, resulting in an operation to remove wires fitted in the hand in March after the trainer fell off a bike.

The body coach was discharged from hospital yesterday and noted on his Instagram account that the pain and swelling had mainly passed, but was still unable to move the hand.

“I was in so much pain, I spent the weekend in hospital, I was on morphine, they were taking care of me and on Saturday night, I texted my wife – I said Rosie, I really don’t think I’ll be able to take part in this workout,” he said at the beginning of PE With Joe this morning.

“I was really upset, and she said, don’t worry husband darling – I’ll be able to there for you. True to her work, in sickness and in health, my wife is going to be here today demonstrating all the exercises,” he continued.

Joe dedicated this morning’s workout to the NHS and “all the doctors and nurses around the world” as he said during his time in hospital, he was greeted by “someone from Scotland, someone from Ireland, there was nurse from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India even Jamaica”.

When asked how she found the class, which was watched by over 350,000 people, Rosie said: “I’m so sweaty, I’ve realised how hard it is so well done to everyone if you’ve done that every day, it was tough.”

Rosie will be assisting Joe with his PE lesson again tomorrow morning on The Body Coach TV YouTube channel.

Who is Joe Wicks’s wife Rosie Jones?

29-year-old Rosie Jones is a glamour model and former page three model. She began modelling as a teenager and in 2009, set a Guinness World Record for most bras removed and put back on in one minute with a total of 7.

She began dating fitness coach Joe Wicks in 2016, with the pair becoming engaging in November 2018 and wedding a year later.

The couple currently have two children – Indie born in July 2018 and Marley, who was born in December 2019.

Rosie will be helping Joe with his live PE sessions while he recovers from a hand operation.


PE with Joe (and Rosie) returns tomorrow morning at 9am on The Body Coach TV YouTube channel. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide.