A brand new dating show is coming to Channel 4 in the form of Flirty Dancing. Hosted by choreographer Ashley Banjo, the series aims to help hopeful singles find love through the medium of dance.


But when will Flirty Dancing be hitting our screens, and how exactly does the new format work?

Here’s everything you need to know…

What time is Flirty Dancing on TV?

Flirty Dancing will air in five parts from Thursday 10th January 2019 at 10pm on Channel 4.

How does Flirty Dancing work?

The new dating format sees hopeful singletons do one single dance with each other in the hope of finding The One.

Before each date, the show will take two complete strangers and teach them one half of a fully choreographed dance routine which has been “tailored to illustrate their personalities and what they want from a prospective partner”.

The singles will learn their routine individually so that the first time they meet, it'll be on the dance floor.

According to Channel 4 the show will be set on location, “as if they’re living in a Hollywood musical”, and the singletons will not be allowed to talk.

Once the couples have finished their 'dance date', they will part ways still not having exchanged a single word.

The question is: will they want to see each other again?

Who is presenting Flirty Dancing?

Choreographer Ashley Banjo, who is a judge on Dancing on Ice and is also known for sitting on the judging panels of Got to Dance and Can’t Touch This, will be hosting proceedings.

Speaking about how successful he thinks the intriguing new format will be, he said: “In the real world you talk to somebody and they might get tongue-tied. They might say the wrong thing; nerves might make them a slightly different person.

“You make a judgment, but that judgment can be flawed because the person doesn't really give you the best version of themselves in that moment. Whereas with this, I don't really think there's any hiding.”


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