Film and TV Bloopers #1 – Friends replaced Rachel and Monica and nobody noticed

Did you spot the mysterious stand-ins?


Film and TV makers provide us with endless entertainment but sometimes they make mistakes – and entertain us even more in the process.


Take the creators of Friends, for example. They replaced both Rachel and Monica before our eyes and nobody even noticed.

Well, that’s not entirely true. An eagle-eyed fan spotted the old switcheroos and they’ll blow your mind just a little.

First up let’s talk about Rachel.

Remember season nine’s The One With The Mugging? Well it’s also The One Where Rachel was Replaced By Someone Who Definitely Isn’t Rachel And No One Batted An Eye Lid. (We can see why they didn’t go with that title.)

A Friends superfan noticed the huge continuity error, 12 years after the episode originally aired. And it has blown our tiny, Friends-loving minds.

Here are Rachel and Joey standing in Monica’s apartment. The camera pans away and pans back and BAM!

This isn’t Rachel. It’s a random woman standing in for Jennifer Aniston. She isn’t even wearing the same outfit.

We know, right? Could we BE any more tricked/confused/outraged? It’s not even the first time this has happened. The One With Rachel’s Date saw an imposter standing in for Monica, too...


Look closely at the woman with the dark hair speaking to Phoebe. It AIN’T Monica!



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