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Did you spot the cheeky David Tennant reference in the revived Crystal Maze?

The Doctor Who star may not have been the host after all, but he still has a presence in the celebrity Stand Up to Cancer special

Published: Sunday, 16th October 2016 at 8:05 pm

Tonight cult 90s game show The Crystal Maze finally returned to Channel 4 for a one-off episode – but did you understand why Doctor Who was name dropped at the beginning?


Well, a couple of months ago, news of the revival was leaked early, with ex-Doctor Who star David Tennant named as a possible presenter. UK outlets (including duly reported the rumour – only for Channel 4 to reveal that it was Stephen Merchant, and not Tennant, who would actually take the hosting role.

Talk about stealing your (oncoming storm) thunder…

Accordingly, tonight’s special threw in a cheeky reference to the media storm in its opening scenes, as Merchant spoke to original Crystal Maze host Richard O’Brien (returning in a cameo) through a screen to gain access to the game.

Discussing Merchant’s new role as host, O’Brien quipped: "I'll tell you who would've been good. That chap that played Doctor Who,” with Merchant irritably retorting, “He’s not available!”

So while we may never know where the David Tennant rumour came from, it’s good to know that Channel 4 can keep a decent sense of humour about the whole affair.

Maybe someone just thought the former time traveller would fit right in with the Future Zone?


Stand Up to Cancer will air on Channel 4 this Friday 21st October from 7.00pm


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