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Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Tila Tequila

The singer, model, TV presenter and internet sensation should know how to put the Celebrity into CBB...

Published: Thursday, 27th August 2015 at 9:21 pm

Name: Tila Tequila (aka Miss Tila aka Tila Nguyen)


Age: 33

Country: USA

Twitter: @TilaTequilaCBB

Famous, why? Model, singer, TV personality

Bio: Tila knows a thing or two about being a celebrity. Having started out as a Playboy model, she's been a singer, TV presenter and internet sensation, always using her flair for social media to promote and extend her brand.

MTV's Bachelorette-style dating show A Shot At Love had Tila as the prize, with the 'twist' being that contestants weren't told until the critical moment that she was – gasp! – bisexual. She was also the host of the even-better-titled Pants-Off Dance-Off, which did pretty much what it says on the tin.

Her music career, meanwhile, has included releases entitled Sex, Welcome to the Dark Side, Stripper Friends and I Love My DJ (which has a rather more explicit title in its radio-unfriendly form).

Here's a terrifying taste of the lengths people will apparently go to to be with Tila...



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