David Walliams is penning a sitcom about a talent show – and he has asked fellow Britain’s Got Talent judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon if they would like to be in it.


Dixon has revealed that she and Holden are keen to be in the comedy which is currently at the script stage.

"There has been a conversation," Dixon told The Sun. "Amanda and me are very keen to be involved. I think Simon would be up for it too. We'll bully our way in! I told David that whatever he does, just make sure sure I'm a cool character.

"He's constantly sharing ideas, whether it be book ideas or TV ideas. He's very open-minded and is such a creative person."

Dixon has suggested that the judges’ hijinx on the show already feel like a scripted comedy.

Two years ago she jokingly complained: “Britain’s Got Talent is like a gay sitcom this year. There’s David and Simon who are a couple, then me and Amanda Holden who are TV wives. That’s exactly what it is.”

She has clearly hit upon something there. However of course this is not the first time that a Simon Cowell talent show has inspired another creative endeavour.

The music mogul was closely involved in Harry Hill’s X Factor-inspired musical I Can’t Sing and even enjoyed a walk-on part on the first night.

But the stage show received mixed reviews and a lower-than-expected audience turnout meant that it closed after just two months.


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