Adam Thomas has revealed what his experience training for Strictly Come Dancing has been like with his partner Luba Mushtuk.


The Waterloo Road star was partnered up with Mushtuk during tonight's launch show, but prior to this they had been training for the all important dances needed to wow the judges each week.

Ahead of his appearance on Strictly, Adam caught up with about what is had been like in the training rooms with his professional dancer partner.

Adam Thomas for Strictly Come Dancing 2023 wearing a black sparkly jacket, smiling
Adam Thomas for Strictly.

"I had my first day of training yesterday, and safe to say it was a lot to take in," he explained.

"It really was a lot, but it was day one - so hopefully it's going to get a little bit easier. But we're getting there, you know, baby steps. And I've got a great partner as well."

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Thomas began praising his dancer partner, saying she "has the patience of a saint" and is very excited to continue his training with Mushtuk.

He added: "It's good fun. But it's also very daunting as well, because I feel like I my have bitten off more than I chew.

"But look, we're in it to try and win it. And we have just got to give it our best shot."

Thomas previously opened up to about the effects his arthritis diagnosis has had on him in his training for Strictly.

He explained: "It's difficult, you know, there's some stuff that I can't necessarily do. Stuff that I'm in pain doing.

"I think since January, there's not been a day that I've woken up without being in pain - as drastic as it sounds, it's the truth. Every day is a struggle."

But the actor is planning to take "every day as it comes", admitting it will be a "struggle". He added: "I'm just trying to do my best. That's all I can do."

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Strictly Come Dancing starts at 6:35pm on 16th September on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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