19 videos that went viral in 2015

From Adele's impersonation to cats scared of cucumbers, left sharks and pizza rats, the internet was a weird and wonderful place over the last 12 months




Why? We’re not really sure. But the results are hilarious. 

Iron Man didn’t have an iron will when he came face-to-face with Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy and the attention turned to his bad boy past. 

What happens when Shia LaBeoeuf is asked to do weird things in the name of art? He JUST DOES IT. We bet Nike’s advertisers are kicking themselves for failing to come up with this.

Katy Perry performs at the superbowl with two sharks. The one on the right can dance, the one on the left… cannot. Everyone noticed. 

Man challenges Gaston to a push-up contest at Disneyland, instantly regrets it. 

A bunch of Adele impersonators turn up to an audition in a theatre. Except it’s not an audition, it’s a prank pulled by Graham Norton and among their number is the singer herself, disguised as Jenny the nanny. The moment the penny drops is absolutely priceless. 

Is this a video of a rat tugging a slice of pizza down the steps of a New York subway or a metaphor for the daily struggles of life in the Big Apple? 

The X Factor is supposed to create careers but New Zealand judge Natalia Kills effectively killed hers after these acid-tongued comments about act Joe Irvine led to her dismissal. (In case you were wondering, yes, that is All Saints singer Melanie Blatt offering a word of consolation to the poor guy.)

Before that series finale, Jon Snow dropped by a dinner party organised by US chat show host Seth Myers in an attempt to make some new friends (most of his close acquaintances had met sticky ends). It turns out he knows nothing about small talk. Moral of the story? Never invite Jon Snow to a social occasion. 

A man/genius made a homemade Thor’s hammer that only he could lift and left it in the street. Oh, and he also had a camera to film unworthy passers by huffing and heaving. 

Otto the bulldog is a higher achiever than you. Why? Because Otto the bulldog is a world record holder for the longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog skateboarder.

2015 is the year the internet and James Corden made best friends. Special mentions go to his underwear advert with David Beckham and singalong with One Direction, but it’s this carpool karaoke session with Justin Bieber that has the duel achievements of clocking up nearly 45 million hits and making the Canadian pop star come across as rather likeable.

We’d all heard enough Uptown Funk to last a lifetime, but then this clever edit of 100 movie dance scenes came along. It’s excellent. Don’t believe us? Just watch…

Beyoncé’s Single Ladies dance moves set to the DuckTales theme tune. It’s the mash-up you’d never have known you needed without the internet. 

She may have won her Oscar for Les Misérables, but Anne Hathaway took her acting to a whole new level with this rendition of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball on Lip Sync Battle. 

Slow motion is just so gloriously satisfying, especially when it’s used to show a 6ft man burst out of a 6ft water balloon. Note his striking similarity to Jabba the Hutt. 

Is there any way we could fly Obama to some golf course halfway around the world and leave him there? Not our words but the sentiment of @RWSurferGirl. Little did she know her thoughts would be read out by the President of United States himself during a special instalment of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets…

Despite British advertisers’ best efforts, it was German supermarket Edeka who gave the internet all the feels with this tearjerker of a Christmas advert. Take that, John Lewis.


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