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Your Honor season 2 release date | Latest news on future of Bryan Cranston drama

Everything you need to know about a potential second run for the Bryan Cranston crime drama.

Bryan Cranston, Your Honor
Published: Monday, 8th March 2021 at 4:49 pm

In the first season of Your Honor, Bryan Cranston broke bad all over again – with the Walter White actor playing a respected judge who resorts to bending the law to save his troubled son.


The series debuted in the UK in March 2021 and was made available as a box set on NOW TV, meaning some viewers have already made it to the very end of the series.

And those fans will likely be wondering if they can expect to see any more of Michael Desiato in the future – read on for everything we know so far.

Will there be a second season of Your Honor?

As things stand, no second season has been announced – and given the show was billed as a Limited Series, it's very possible that we may not see any further episodes.

Despite that, though, there is reason to believe that a second season shouldn't be completely ruled out just yet. The Israeli series on which it is based, Kvodo, was renewed for another run so there's certainly room for the story to keep on going.

Furthermore, showrunner Peter Moffat has said that while it was originally written as a one-and-done, he would be open to discussions about a further season.

"I would be being dishonest if I were to say to you that, as a writer, I don’t think about some of the things that might go in Episode 11," he told Assignment X.

"Let’s hope people like it, and if they like it enough, then I guess there’s a conversation to be had."

Should we hear any more concrete information about a second run, we'll let you know accordingly.

Your Honor season 2: What could happen?

Of course, with nothing confirmed at this stage, there are no official suggestions about what might happen in the second run – but we can make a few guesses based on the end of season one.

There are a few possible routes Michael could go down after witnessing his son shot dead: for example we could see him attempt to atone for his crimes from the first run, or perhaps see him drawn even further into trouble as he attempts to avenge Adam's death.

If anything is confirmed regarding season two, we'll update this with any plot details that emerge.

Your Honor season 2 cast

Last Flag Flying

The show revolves around Bryan Cranston's character Michael Desiato, and so his presence would be essential in any possible second run.

We'd also expect to see some of the other cast members return in the event of a further series, including the likes of Michael Stuhlbarg, Hope Davis, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Carmen Ejogo, Lilli Kay, Amy Landecker and Keith Machekanyanga.

However, it's highly unlikely we'd see any more of Hunter Doohan as Adam – given the character's tragic demise at the end of the first run.

Your Honor season 2 trailer

With no second season to speak of yet, there’s nothing to report in the way of a trailer – and there probably won’t be for a fair while even if the show is renewed. That said, should anything change we’ll post it here.


Your Honor is currently streaming on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide


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