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Where has Siobhan gone? Here's why Ardal O'Hanlon's on-screen daughter has disappeared from Death in Paradise

Newcomer Grace Stone stars as DI Jack Mooney's daughter in BBC1's Caribbean drama

Death in Paradise - Grace Stone as Siobhan Mooney

When Jack Mooney (Ardal O'Hanlon) arrives in Saint Marie with a suitcase full of short-sleeved shirts and bad ties, he is accompanied by his daughter Siobhan – but not for long.


Siobhan Mooney – played by newcomer Death in Paradise Grace Stone – is immediately popular on the island. She may be grieving for her late mother whose loss is keenly felt by both father and daughter, but she has a sunny personality and immediately throws herself into island life. Mature beyond her years, Siobhan helps Jack to settle in as the Caribbean's new top cop.

But with her whole life ahead of her, she can't stay for ever. In episode one she tells her father she has accepted a place at university back in the UK. Before it can even sink in, she packs her bags and heads for the airport.

Siobhan Mooney

Who is Grace Stone, the actress who places Siobhan in Death in Paradise?

23-year-old actress Grace Stone is a relative newcomer to acting. She played a young mother in Call the Midwife in 2016, and then made an appearance in Doctors later in the same year.

More recently she appeared in Netflix's The Crown, playing a bride (Anne Tennant) in Princess Margaret's episode Beryl.

Will Siobhan Mooney appear in this series of Death in Paradise?

Yes – but only for a bit.

At the end of series six, both father and daughter agreed to stay in Saint Marie and DI Jack Mooney accepted the job as DI Humphrey Goodman's replacement. But while her dad is out fighting crime and solving murders, Siobhan is at a loose end.

She has already deferred her place at university by a year, so now she must make a decision: should she return to England and leave her dad behind in the Caribbean? What does her future look like?


"It kind of comes as a bit of a bombshell to Jack actually, that she does leave in the first episode," O'Hanlon tells us.

Wasn't she going to stay in Saint Marie with her father?

Death in Paradise

"Yeah and he thought that too, so he took that for granted," O'Hanlon explains. "So I think there is actually quite a poignant moment for Jack in episode one when he realises that his life is changing really irrevocably.

"I think he really has to grow up a bit, actually. He was clearly a man who got on with his work and he had sort of – he had his wife doing everything for him probably and then his daughter, and then suddenly he's on his own. He's unmoored.


"And that's an interesting place to start the series, actually, he's quite unmoored from his home, his work, his family, everything. So now he's totally on his own, probably for the first time in his life, and he has to make his way. He has to reinvent himself."


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