This incredible “Twitter map” shows you how every Game of Thrones episode is discussed

Arya willing to guess the main reaction to this week's episode?


Game of Thrones fans love a map – just check out the opening credits with all the clockwork, isn’t it dreamy – so we’re betting they’ll be pleased to hear that even their reactions to every episode can now be experienced in pleasing map form.


You see, Twitter have built a mechanic that collates every Game of Thrones mention on its network, building a moving framework that reflects how often certain characters and storylines were mentioned and how connected everything is. 

Take a look below at the entry for this week’s episode No One, and be sure to play around with the settings a bit. Go on, you know you want to.

So there you have it – all our opinions are just grist for Twitter’s responsive technology mill, and we are truly living in the future.


Game of Thrones continues on Sky Atlantic on Monday at 2am and 9.00pm