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This Game of Thrones fan theory will make you see Hodor in a whole new light

What happened to Wyllis? And why did he change his name?

Published: Wednesday, 4th May 2016 at 9:49 am

How did Hodor lose his voice? That's the question that's been on the mind of Game of Thrones fans ever since we discovered Bran's buddy could speak in the flashback scene in the latest series six episode.


Bran's little Doctor Who trip through space and time revealed that Hodor's real name is Wyllis and during his early days as a stable boy at Winterfell he could say a lot more than just the word "Hodor".

So how did Wylis get the name we now associate with him? And why is it the only thing he can say?

Of course, fans on Reddit have a rather interesting theory. And between them, gbinasia and TazoGreenTea might just be onto something.

In the most recent series six episode we see Lyanna Stark riding into Winterfell on a white horse. Now, we know that Bran has the ability to Warg into animals, so what if Wyllis also had that ability?

"Wyllis could have been a warg too and the loss of his speech would be the result of him spending too much time warging. However, the last episode made a point of showing how Wyllas/Hodor was friendly with Lyanna, and how eager he was to please her and her family. Lyanna acted as a confidence-booster to him, something Old Nan put a stop to when she took him by the ear" gbinasia writes.

"Now, if Wyllis was a warg, what would he warg into? As a stable boy, it would make sense that his choice would be to warg into a horse since, like dogs, they are docile and are accustomed to his presence. And if the (possibly) only girl treating him nicely was Lyanna, it would make complete sense that this is the horse he would warg into."

So basically, what they're saying is that Wyllis could possibly warg into Lyanna's horse. What does that have to do with Hodor, though?

Well, the theory goes on to argue that perhaps Wyllis became trapped in the animal, and vice versa. You see, the Three Eyed Raven repeatedly wanred Bran about spending too long inside the mind of another creature. And he warned him about spending too much time in the past too, remember? There was all that talk about drowning.

"My guess is that the horse was slain during battle while Hodor was warging into it, which would explain why he is a very much a simpleton now and is afraid of fighting and lightning. Would also explain why Bran is able to warg into a human, because the mind inside the human is an animal's mind (or the remnant of a mind trapped into a horse)", gbinasia writes.

"Wylis's demise into Hodor would also serve as an amazing warning to Bran about the dangers of warging, and you can see how the Three Eyed Raven almost interjects when Bran says 'Hodor talks!'. Think about it: wouldn't it be an amazing end to Bran's arc this season? Considering how isolated he is, there are few characters that would make an impact on him. Bran even asks Hodor about what happened to him, and Hodor has no answer but Hodor. For now."

And as for the name Hodor, well, could it possibly be the name of Lyanna's horse?

Stranger things have happened on Game of Thrones. And no, that's not a figure of speech.

Do you remember the Shadow Baby? Or backwards anti-ageing cream advert Melisandre?

Or y'know, JON SNOW?


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