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Nicole Kidman discusses The Undoing's big twist ahead of final episode

**WARNING: If you haven't watched last night's episode yet – multiple spoilers alert!**

Nicole Kidman stars in The Undoing on HBO/Sky Atlantic
Published: Tuesday, 24th November 2020 at 12:57 pm

Last night's penultimate episode of glamorous whodunit The Undoing stunned viewers with plot twists and cliffhangers galore, from Jonathan's (Hugh Grant) mother revealing that he was responsible for the death of his four-year-old sister as a child, to his horrified wife Grace (Nicola Kidman) finding a sculpting hammer – the missing weapon used to kill Elena – in their son Henry's bedroom.


Ahead of next week's finale, Kidman has hinted at how her character may react upon realising her own son could be a new suspect in the murder of Elena, a fellow mum on the PTA and Jonathan's lover.

Speaking to TVLine, Kidman said that she could relate to Grace's strong maternal instinct and determined belief that her son isn't a murderer.

"As a mother, I will always choose to say, ‘My child would not do this,'” she said. “A mother’s love is so deep — I will die before I will believe my child is the one who did this, before I will even let that enter my psyche.”

“Her love for him is so profound,” she added. “And you see it. They have a really strong bond. She never lies to him. Even when Grace comes home after having spent the night with Jonathan, she still does not lie to him.

“[She] will do everything to protect him,” Kidman continued. “There is nothing [she] would not sacrifice to protect him, which I think is a really strong thread throughout the whole series. And I’m sure many parents can relate.”

The Undoing, created by Big Little Lies' David E. Kelley, has captivated audiences since debuting on Sky One last month, with various theories as to who killed Elena (which you can read about in our The Undoing episode five recap.)


The series also stars Édgar Ramírez, Noah Jupe, Matilda De Angelis, Douglas Hodge, Donald Sutherland and Hayley Fitzgerald.

The Undoing airs on Sky Atlantic at 9pm on Mondays and is also available on NOW TV. Sign up for a seven-day free trial of NOW TV’s Entertainment Pass, autorenews at £9.99 a month unless cancelled. While you’re waiting, visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight, or check out our guide to new TV shows 2020 to find out what’s airing this autumn and beyo

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