The second episode of Channel 5 drama The Inheritance saw a number of major developments throughout its run, although most paled in comparison to the shocking ending where one character seemingly perished.

After it became clear that money leaving his father Dennis's account had been going to a company account apparently held by Susan's ex-husband Michael, Daniel went to confront him personally, after getting nowhere with the police.

Daniel arrived at Michael's door in the dead of night, but Michael answered it with a shotgun in hand. Daniel said that he came to ask for the money that Dennis had paid into the account, but a riled Michael refused to put the gun down.

At the last second, when it seemed he was about to shoot Daniel, he put the gun under his own head, with the screen then cutting to black as a shot was heard sounding out.

Michael (Kevin Whately) in The Inheritance wearing a cap and green jacket
Michael (Kevin Whately) in The Inheritance. Channel 5

While not yet completely confirmed, it seems that one of the show's major characters, Kevin Whately's Michael, may just have met his end. But why did he turn the gun on himself and what was going on with the money?

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This marks the second dramatic twist ending the show has had so far, after the first episode saw Dennis's funeral being interrupted by the coroner, saying she needed to take his body.

Meanwhile, this second episode also saw Chloe's secret come to light, with viewers now knowing that she in fact knew about Dennis's affair with Susan long before the others found out.

But could any of the characters we've met so far have been responsible for Dennis's death?

Samantha Bond's Susan may have been the prime suspect last week, but could it in fact be one of the children, or one of the other many characters who was responsible?

Only time will tell...

The Inheritance continues Monday 18th September at 9pm on Channel 5. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.

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