The first American Gods trailer brings Neil Gaiman’s dark story to life

Could this be the faithful book adaptation readers have been waiting for?


American Gods is one of next year’s most anticipated TV series, with the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s iconic novel (about ancient deities battling “new” gods of technology, finance and media) currently awaited by hordes of eager fans worldwide.


Now, the first trailer has been released for the Starz series at the San Diego Comic-con – and those same fans are probably going to be very satisfied.

While we don’t see too much in the short 1 minute 40 video, what we do see (including the introduction of Ricky Whittle protagonist Shadow Moon, Ian McShane’s Mr Wednesday and Emily Browning as Shadow’s resurrected wife Laura) is a faithful recreation of the book’s events and tone, and a good omen for what we can expect from the finished series (which counts Gaiman among its executive producers).

In other words, give thanks American Gods fans – because your prayers have been answered.


American Gods will air in early 2017