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Liz Carr reveals why she quit Silent Witness after 7 years

"I don’t take the experience or the support that I got in that role for granted."

Liz Carr
Published: Wednesday, 1st December 2021 at 9:00 pm

Silent Witness star Liz Carr has opened up about her exit from the BBC crime drama, revealing that she "wanted to do other things".


The actor, who starred as forensic examiner Clarissa Mullery on the show from 2013 until 2020, spoke to Radio Times magazine about her new role in The Witcher's upcoming season and explained why she chose to leave Silent Witness last year.

"The job was a joy. Clarissa was very loved, and I don’t take the experience or the support that I got in that role for granted at all," she said.

"But I wanted to see who else I could play. Silent Witness took nine months a year, so it did cut out an awful lot of projects that I would have loved to do. I was starting to almost resent that, because I wanted to do other things.

"The Witcher would definitely have been in that category," she added. "Personally for me, as an electric-wheelchair-using disabled woman, it’s really interesting to be cast in things that are historical, or part of a different world.

"I really relished the costumes, the set and the opportunity to go, ‘Do you know what? There’s no reason, really, that I can’t play roles in almost anything.'"

Since leaving Silent Witness, Carr has appeared in Netflix drama The OA, alongside Brit Marling, Patrick Gibson and Jason Isaacs, and FX action thriller Devs.

She will be joining Netflix's The Witcher in season two, making her debut as Fenn on the hugely popular fantasy drama.


You can read the full interview in this week's copy of Radio Times magazine. 

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