Natalie Dormer: Breaking Bad deserve to be applauded

"Breaking Bad beat Game of Thrones at the SAG Awards in the States, but it was warranted because it was an accolade for what they'd achieved over five seasons"

Your favourite TV double act?


I’m working with Woody [Harrelson] at the moment on Hunger Games, so I just watched True Detective and loved it. He and Matthew McConaughey had a fantastic chemistry. They’re both brilliant actors but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll click together on screen.

Have you always clicked with your co-stars?

It’s complicated because you can have great chemistry with someone in real life but it doesn’t translate to the camera, and vice versa. Johnny Rhys-Meyers and I weren’t really friends on The Tudors, and yet people tell me the chemistry on screen was incredible.

Where do you escape to?

I like my quiet time. I just ran the London Marathon and it’s very meditative, being on your own for hours and hours at a time, listening to In Our Time or Start the Week on Radio 4. The reassuring dulcet tones of Bragg and Marr really distract you from the pain.

Who should win RT’s Audience Award?

Breaking Bad beat Game of Thrones at the SAG Awards in the States, but it was warranted because it was an accolade for what they’d achieved over five seasons. They probably don’t need another award but they do deserve to be applauded.