Laura Prepon and Jason Biggs on Orange is the New Black season 2

As the second series of the comedy-drama lands on Netflix, asked the co-stars to set the record straight on what the show is really about...

What is Orange is the New Black really about? It’s a thorny subject matter for the show’s star Jason Biggs who plays incarcerated Taylor’s boyfriend Larry. “I’ve been waiting to be asked this,” he told “It’s about a guy outside of prison. Thank you for finally getting to the bottom of this. Everyone thinks it’s about women in prison but the truth is, it’s about a lone guy outside of the prison walls.”


Does his co-star Laura Prepon – aka Taylor’s ex-girlfriend Alex – share his view? “This show is a lot of things,” she concedes. “You have a bunch of women who are stripped of everything and put into these environments together… The weird social hierarchies in the prison and how the girls ultimately survive.” 

Take a look at the full interview below…


Orange is the New Black season 2 is available to watch on Netflix now