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Will there be a Homecoming season 3 on Amazon?

The psychological thriller series recently dropped its second season on Amazon Prime Video.

Homecoming season 2
Published: Thursday, 4th June 2020 at 4:46 pm

Homecoming season two recently arrived on Amazon Prime Video - 18 months after the first season was released - and fans are already eager to know if the show will be renewed for a third run.


In its first season, the drama, which is based on the podcast of the same name, starred Julia Roberts as a social worker who previously worked at a secret government facility - but who several years later is unable to remember the nature of the work she did there.

In the second seeason, Roberts was replaced by Janelle Monae - with a new mystery at the forefront of the series, after Monae's character wakes up on a fishing boat with little idea of how she got there.

Here's everything we know about season three so far...

Will there be a third season of Homecoming?

There's been no official word of a third season as yet - but creators Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg have indicated that they would love the show to return, and that they have lots of ideas regarding possible storylines.

As reported by Digital Spy, they said, "Each season, we're widening out a circle and then there's whole new ways to go. So yeah, we have plenty of ideas for a third season.

"We want you to have that feeling every time of thinking, 'They told me a full story, they are not withholding something from me. But I enjoy this enough that I would spend some more time in this world,'" they added, noting that they hope viewers will trust them to continue finding "new, interesting avenues" to take them down in the future."

When could a potential Homecoming season 3 be released?

Should a third instalment get the go-ahead, it's likely we'd still have to wait a while – there was an 18-month gap between the first and second seasons, and that was without a global pandemic shutting down film and TV production around the world.

We'd certainly be surprised if a new season arrived within the next year - with late 2021 probably a reasonable guess for when we might get new episodes if the show is renewed.

Who could return for a third season of Homecoming?

The series has already shown that it isn't afraid to mix up the casting, with Julia Roberts having led the first season only to be replaced by Janelle Monae in the second - while there were a whole host of other new arrivals in the second run, including Chris Cooper and Joan Cusack.

Which means, basically, that it's a bit of a mystery who might be involved in any third run - we'll keep you updated if we catch wind of any casting news.

Is there a trailer for a third season?

Given the show has not even been renewed yet, a trailer is still some way off.

We'd expect one to arrive in the month leading up to the third season arriving on Amazon Prime Video – the season two trailer (see below) dropped three weeks ahead of new episodes landing on the platform.


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