The writer behind acclaimed crime anthology Fargo has teased details about a subtle connection in season four, tying it to a memorable villain from one of the show's earlier outings.


Noah Hawley has acted as showrunner for each season of the offbeat drama, dreaming up a quirky and elaborate crime story which functions independently of that which came before.

However, there have been some subtle connections between the separate stories, rewarding longtime viewers for sticking around across its four seasons.

The upcoming episodes are no exception, as Ben Whishaw's Rabbi Milligan quickly gained the attention of fans for sharing a surname with a character from season two.

Bokeem Woodbine gave an Emmy-nominated turn in Fargo's second outing as Mike Milligan, an intimidating hitman from the Kansas City mafia who is part of the war on the Gerhardt crime family.

Season four is set almost three decades before the events of season two, but places a spotlight on an unusual truce between two crime syndicates, brokered by the exchange of their youngest sons.

Speaking to TV Line, Hawley confirmed what fans had suspected: “It’s no coincidence that Ben Whishaw’s character is named Milligan.”

At the time of Fargo season four, Woodbine's character would only be a young boy, meaning its possible he is the aforementioned son involved in the peace agreement.

If so, it could be that Whishaw's Rabbi Milligan becomes an adoptive father to the boy, which might be the reason behind their shared second name.

Alas, this is all speculation at the moment, but the US premiere of Fargo season four is now mere days away, so we should have answers soon on how the Milligan family fit into this puzzle.

The upcoming series stars comedian Chris Rock in a rare dramatic role, playing the boss of an African American crime family, who enter an uneasy alliance with their rival Italian gang.


Fargo returns later this year. While you’re waiting, visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight, or check out our guide to new TV shows 2020 to find out what's airing this autumn and beyond.