David Tennant to star in West End play about Nazi Germany

The show is limited to a 10-week run

David Tennant (7)

Television superstar David Tennant will appear on the West End in a play about a man radicalised in pre-World War II Nazi Germany.


After successful roles in Good Omens and Deadwater Fell, Tennant is returning to the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he once gave an acclaimed performance as Hamlet.

His latest production is called Good, a revival of a play that was first shown in 1981, about a liberal academic who finds himself gradually radicalised by the Nazi regime, ultimately becoming complicit in their terrible crimes.

The show will run for 10 weeks at the Playhouse Theatre in London, located on the Embankment next to the River Thames.

Good will be directed by Dominic Cooke, who won an Olivier Award in 2007 for his revival of The Crucible with Iain Glen (Game of Thrones).

Tennant said: “Dominic is one of the UK’s all-time great theatre directors. I am really inspired and delighted to finally get a chance to work with him, and especially on a wonderful play like CP Taylor’s Good – a fantastic bit of writing that is more pertinent and resonant now than it has ever been.”

Cooke drew parallels between the play’s setting and issues facing the world today in an interview with The Guardian.

He said: “We are in danger of that happening now. Not just politically but in terms of the environment, how we seem to collectively be able to ignore the evidence in front of us. It is a play really about denial.”


The play will begin its run on Tuesday 6th October 2020, with tickets available from ATG and Love Theatre.