Consent is the bold and provocative new factual drama premiering this February on Channel 4. It comes from Emma Dennis-Edwards (Champion), is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Nadira Amrani (Extraordinary) and is executive produced by BAFTA Award-winner Aysha Rafaele (The Left Behind, Murdered by My Father).


The one-off film will explore "what it feels like for young people in an environment where sexual expectations are distorted by the instant access to porn and where the lines of consent are minimised".

It's a tale of teenage experience, social media, misogyny and much more, told through the perspective of Natalie (Lashay Anderson), who is a newcomer to a prestigious private school which was previously a single-sex establishment and one where 'lad culture' runs rife. But when one night in question sees everything come to a head, how will the school deal with Natalie's accusation?

With a cast of stellar acting talent and an all too important plot line, Consent is set to be a drama that will captivate us all. Read on for everything you need to know about it.

Consent airs on Tuesday 7th February at 10pm on Channel 4, and will be available to stream on All4.

The cast of Consent.
The cast of Consent. Channel 4

The cast of Consent is led by Lashay Anderson as Natalie, a clever, working-class girl who has won a scholarship to the previously single-sex private school. Newcomer Tom Victor plays Archie, the "embodiment of the school – rich, privileged and an academic high achiever".

Consent also has a cast of young talented actors which includes Rhea Norwood (Heartstopper), Ty Tennant (House of the Dragon), Denzel Baidoo (Screw) and Alex Heath (The Serpent Queen).

Consent Channel 4
The cast of Consent. Channel 4

The new drama film is based on hundreds of testimonies of young people from both state and private school backgrounds and is set in a fictional private school.

According to the synopsis, "For years it was a single sex school but has recently added female students to its Sixth Form. Archie is the embodiment of the school – rich, privileged and an academic high achiever. The rules of Archie’s social media and online existence are set by a ‘lad’ culture he doesn’t really feel he belongs to.

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"Porn culture dominates how the boys talk about and describe imagined, exaggerated encounters with girls – most of them have probably never even had sex yet in real life. Natalie has won herself a scholarship to attend the school – she is working-class, clever – from the opposite background to Archie’s – but they nevertheless instantly bond.

"Natalie is the outsider that Archie feels himself in part to be. Then one night at a party it all comes to a head, boundaries are crossed, trust is broken, and nothing will ever be the same between them. But how will the school deal with the accusation Natalie makes against ‘one of their own’?"

Speaking about the new drama, Emma Dennis-Edwards, who wrote Consent said: “Whilst researching Consent I was shocked but not entirely surprised about the culture of toxic masculinity and misogyny explored within the drama.

"Whilst social media has proved to be an amazing tool for young people to express themselves socially and politically it must also take some of the responsibility for the misogyny and sexual harassment that has become almost commonplace in our schools. I'm incredibly proud to have authored this single drama for Channel 4, a broadcaster well-known for bold, boundary breaking, hard hitting television, and telling this story and acting in it alongside some of Britain's finest upcoming talent has been a pleasure and privilege.”

Yes, there is a trailer for consent and in the short video, it's clear to see how toxic masculinity, social media and privilege will collide in this new drama, inspired by true events.

Watch it below.

Consent airs on Channel 4 and All4 on Tuesday 7th February at 10pm.

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