Warning, this article contains spoilers ahead for Angela Black episode three and touches on subject matter that some readers may find distressing.


ITV drama Angela Black returned for a third episode on Sunday night, starring Downton Abbey's Joanne Froggatt in the title role of Angela in the Angela Black cast.

At the end of Angela Black episode two, Angela and hit-man Ed Harrison (Samuel Adewunmi) hatched a plot to kill Angela's abusive husband, Oliver (Michiel Huisman).

However, in episode three the plan goes terribly wrong, and ends with Angela alone in a police cell, after being arrested at the family home with Olivier's gun in her hands.

Three female police officers interview Angela, where they inform her that 'Ed' doesn't exist, and that they believe Angela has had a breakdown.

We've unpacked tonight's instalment, breaking down some of the key questions and theories that have come up after the events of Angela Black episode three.

Is Angela Black hit-man Ed Harrison real?

Angela Black

When she's first interviewed by the police, Angela recounts what happened with Ed, and defends her use of Olivier's gun by explaining that she thought he had learnt of her and Ed's plot and was planning to kill her.

But the police officers instead show her a copy of a dogeared book: 'Behind Closed Doors' by Ed Harrison. Angela claims to have never seen it, but the officers say that it was found in her house, when Olivier handed it to officers.

The events in the book are eerily similar to what has transpired between Ed and Angela, and the officers suggest that, following the events of "Edgewater" - a word we've heard before, but never explained - that she has made the whole thing up, including Ed Harrison himself.

What happened at 'Edgewater'?

It appears that Angela has previously suffered a traumatic event of some kind at a place called 'Edgewater', but so far there's been no explanation as to what it could be.

However, whatever the event, it must have been bad enough to potentially traumatise Angela - at least in the police officers' eyes.

Is this all a grand scheme by Olivier?

In our previous recaps, we've suggested that Ed may not be as honest as he claims to be. If he was previously Olivier's righthand man, who's to say that he isn't still that guy - in other words, a double agent?

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There's a strong possibility that Ed Harrison is real after all (although that's probably not his real name), and he and his presumed employer Olivier have hatched an elaborate scheme to secure the latter custody of his two sons.

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