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13 questions we STILL have after the Thirteen finale

Talk about your loose ends – FINALE SPOILERS

Published: Friday, 2nd November 2018 at 12:37 pm



Solve the mystery...


Whatever it was, it certainly seemed to have an effect on her. It made her drop her earpiece and walk to an area of the shopping centre where she knew he'd be able to get his hands on her.

Could it have been something about the gun? Or something about her family?

We may never know.


When they're together in the house Ivy tells Mark that she wants things to be "like they've been this past year".

And judging from the seriously non-dungeon-like bedroom set-up she has, we're guessing it's been a little different.

How did they live for the last 12 months before Ivy's escape? Were they, to use the term rather lightly, 'happy'? Had Ivy come to believe that her lifestyle was the best she could ever expect?


From the moment she mentioned fish being good for a baby we knew Ivy must have had a child at some point. And now we know that something happened to that baby.

"Our baby would be three-and-a-half years now," said White when discussing plans to start a family. "You cried for so long."

But Ivy says she was glad that whatever happened, well, happened.

Did she lose the baby? That's our best guess, because she talked about being glad she didn't have to bring a child into their world.


One thing we never learn is what prompted Mark to take Ivy. And we never find out why he insists on changing their names to Leonard and Alison either.

In fact, we learn barely anything about him, other than that he was kicked out by his mum when he was 16 and killed his younger half brother.

Did he pick Ivy? Was she a random abduction? Those are answers we never get and writer Marnie Dickens says there's a good reason for it.

"Personally as a viewer of other shows I don’t like it when the villain or the killer is foregrounded and gets a big discussion of motives and everything. Because I think that takes away from the victims", she told

“It happens a lot in drama because it is quite interesting watching essentially a psychopath. But drifting off and being with the kidnapper makes it a different show I think."


We know he picked her over Ivy in the end, deciding to rush to her bedside instead of tracking down the missing girl, but did they make a go of things?

We sure do hope so.

And we'd like a spin-off now too, please.


She took a nasty knock to the head and almost died - will she make a full recovery?


We know the brooding cop was in hot water for disobeying the big boss and interviewing Phoebe.

Was all forgiven when he essentially found Ivy?


The original boss got the heave ho when Phoebe was snatched, so we can only imagine what was in store for the man who let White escape with Ivy in the middle of a crowded shopping centre his officers were supposed to be patrolling.

Someone's clearly getting a slap on the wrist...


I mean COME ON. How incompetent can you be?


The pair seemed to have put their differences aside to help find Ivy but their future seemed all but certain.

Their reunions throughout the series were very uneasy, with Tim seeming restless and Yazz struggling to cope with her husband's past.


Things seemed to be improving for the Moxams in recent weeks, despite Emma's fiancé Craig doing a runner.

But this week he was back to help the clan find their lost daughter.

However, Ivy's second disappearance seemed to revive old tensions between Angus and Christina, with him screaming about taking charge and her all but accusing him of leaving her to go through Ivy's first disappearance alone.

The pair seemed set for a reunion in episode 4 - but did their fledgling relationship survive episode 5?


You'd imagine re-integrating into the real world after 13 years in captivity would be tough enough without going through a second kidnapping.

But then you go and leave the man who captured you, kept you underground, murdered your friend and fathered your lost child to die in a blazing building you barely managed to escape.

What's Ivy going to do next? Go back to college? Get a job? Attempt to lead a life that is in any way normal? We don't envy her.


It's not looking likely.

Here's what writer Marnie Dickens had to say.


This article was originally published in 2016


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