Watch the incredible moment a flying fish devours an unassuming bird on Blue Planet II

Poor fella never saw it coming

Planet Earth II (BBC, EH)

It’s a cruel old world out there, as a bird featured in this new Blue Planet II clip discovers in its dying moments before it is eaten alive by a flying fish.


In the action-packed footage, we see giant trevallies indulge in a feast of fledgelings for dinner.

As David Attenborough wisely explains in the voiceover, the birds know not to fly too close to the water’s surface, but sometimes they just get tired, you know, and thirsty.

Also, the trevallies are a clever breed, and can calculate the air speed, altitude and trajectory of birds.

It’s evil genius – and one of just many incredible moments captured in the new six-part BBC series.


Blue Planet II begins on Sunday 29th October at 8pm on BBC1