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Tom Daley to explore surrogacy in new BBC1 documentary

As an "expert through experience" the Olympic diver is making a one-off film about surrogacy in the UK and the US

Published: Tuesday, 7th August 2018 at 1:59 pm

Olympic diver Tom Daley is set to explore surrogacy in a new one-off documentary for BBC1.


Daley recently had a baby son with his husband Dustin Lance Black through surrogacy, and the pair will examine the modern phenomenon as ‘experts through experience’.

In the film, currently entitled Surrogacy, Daley will investigate how surrogacy works in the UK, where it is illegal to advertise for or pay surrogates.

Daley will also travel to California where, in contrast to the UK, commercial surrogacy is an accepted norm, and he will head to a country in Europe where surrogacy is completely outlawed.

Daley will investigate why some women are prepared to become surrogates, and the “extraordinary relationships” that can develop between surrogates and parents will be explored.

Daley, who came under fire for his decision to use a surrogate, will also meet those opposed to surrogacy as well as those who want UK law to accept commercial surrogacy.

The documentary will question whether the American or British system works best and whether laws around surrogacy in the UK need reform.


Surrogacy is due to air on BBC1 in 2019.


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