There’s going to be an official Whitney Houston documentary about the singer’s life and death

This will be the first film endorsed by the Houston estate since the singer's death in 2012


Kevin Macdonald, director of The Last King of Scotland, is to make the first officially sanctioned documentary about Whitney Houston since her death at the age of 48, in 2012.


With permission to tell the story of Houston’s life and death, the film-makers will look at her record-breaking career and troubled personal life.

The film will include interviews with friends, family and collaborators, including Clive Davis, founder and president of Arista Records, who is credited with discovering the singer.

Macdonald said in a statement: “The story that is never told about Whitney is just how brilliant she was as an artist; by many measures she had the greatest voice of the last 50 years. She changed the way pop music was sung — bringing it back full circle to its blues and gospel roots. She was also completely unique in being a black pop star who sold in countries where black artists don’t traditionally sell.”

Also behind the project is Man On Wire producer Simon Chinn, and it’ll be released in the UK by Altitude Films, the company behind Asif Kapadia’s award-winning Amy.


Macdonald’s documentary will be released in the UK in 2017.