The Queen looks back on her own coronation in new footage from upcoming BBC special

The Coronation will air on BBC1 next Sunday

Queen Elizabeth II
with the St Edward's Crown in The Coronation (BBC, HF)

If Netflix’s The Crown hasn’t slated your thirst for all things royal, then we have good news – next Sunday will see the Queen herself look back on her iconic coronation in a special new documentary, commissioned as part of the BBC’s Royal Collection Season and called (you guessed it) The Coronation.


And now, new footage has been unveiled showing the Queen looking back over that most momentous of days, as well as revealing her favourite of the Crown Jewels – the Black Prince’s Ruby, if you’re interested.

“It was the beginning of one’s life as a sovereign,” she says in a short trailer for the new documentary.

“I’ve seen one coronation and been the recipient in the other, which is pretty remarkable.”

Who knew documentaries would go from talking heads to talking heads of state?


The Coronation airs on BBC1 on Sunday 14th January at 8.00pm