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What route is taken on Sue Perkins: Along the US-Mexico Border?

Everything you need to know about the comedian's journey along the border.

Published: Monday, 7th September 2020 at 6:20 pm

Celebrity travelogues are a regular feature on the telly schedules, and the latest famous face to embark on a journey for our entertainment is comedian and former Great British Bake Off host Sue Perkins.


Perkins will be travelling along the US-Mexico border in a new show for BBC One, taking in some of the best sites and attractions on both sides of the border.

But what is the route she's taking? Read on for everything you need to know.

What route is taken on Sue Perkins: Along the US-Mexico Border?

According to Perkins herself, the route is a "journey through vibrant cities, steeped in culture and tradition, and some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world."

She added: "This is a land of human triumph and tragedy, where heartbreak and hard lives share space with joy, celebration and endless surprises."

The journey begins in Tijuana on the west coast of Mexico, with the comedian heading eastwards along the 2,000 mile stretch towards the city of Matamoros near the Gulf of Mexico as the documentary progresses.

Along the way, she takes note of locals' views on Donald Trump's controversial border Wall plan, while also taking in a number of unique sites.

Among the places visited by Perkins throughout the series include a hostel set up by Hondurans to help fellow refugees in Tijuana and Pinal County in Arizona where she visits a sheriff who details his view on the drugs war.

She also celebrates the Mexican Day of the Dead festival in the town of Nogales, heads to the border city of Juarez where she attempts a Mexican form of dressage called Escaramuza, and visits El Paso in Texas where she catches up with a mother who has been forced to bring up her children alone as her husband has been denied entry due to the strict immigration laws.

Later, she also to the Big Bend national park to check out the Rio Grande river and meets Father Roy in East Texas, who explains how he made headlines for his opposition to the Border wall.

The BBC's Commissioning Editor for Documentaries, Hamish Fergusson has said of the programme: "I’m delighted that Sue Perkins is bringing her unique blend of humour and compassion to give a fascinating and timely insight into what life is really like for people living along one of the most contentious borders in the world."


Sue Perkins: Along the US-Mexico Border airs on Monday 7th September at 9pm on BBC One with episode 2 airing at the same time on Tuesday 8th September. Find out what else to watch with our TV Guide


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