New Netflix docudrama Queen Cleopatra is the latest in a series on African Queens from executive producer Jada Pinkett Smith, who also narrates.


It tells the story of the Egyptian Queen who is played here by Adele James, the Casualty star whose casting has seen a backlash from some Egyptian viewers who argue that their history had been 'falsified', as she is a Black biracial actress.

James has said she hopes that her casting will be "empowering" for young girls of colour, while her co-star John Partridge, who plays Julius Caesar, has said that he hopes people are "able to look at the documentary, and look at the opinions in the documentary, and listen to it and make up their own minds".

But who else stars in the series and who do they all play? Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Queen Cleopatra.

Queen Cleopatra cast: who stars in the Netflix series?

Here are the main cast members and characters in Queen Cleopatra. Read on below for more info about who they are and where you've seen the actors before.

  • Jada Pinkett Smith as narrator
  • Adele James as Queen Cleopatra
  • Craig Russell as Mark Anthony
  • John Partridge as Julius Caesar
  • Kaysha Woollery as Charmian
  • Andira Crichlow as Arsinoe

Jada Pinkett Smith as narrator

Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Where have I seen Jada Pinkett Smith? Pinkett Smith is known for her roles in Scream 2, The Nutty Professor, The Matrix sequels, The Madagascar film series, and Gotham.

Adele James as Queen Cleopatra

Adele James as Cleopatra in Queen Cleopatra.
Adele James as Cleopatra in Queen Cleopatra. Netflix

Who is Queen Cleopatra? Cleopatra was Queen of Egypt who lived between around 70 BC and 30 BC.

Where have I seen Adele James? James is known for her role as Tina in Casualty, while she has also had roles in Nate & Jamie, TV Footballers, and That's What She Said.

Craig Russell as Mark Anthony

Craig Russell in Queen Cleopatra
Craig Russell in Queen Cleopatra. Netflix/YouTube

Who is Mark Anthony? Mark Anthony was a Roman general who married Cleopatra, following a scandalous love affair.

Where have I seen Craig Russell? Russell is known for his role as Mark in Hollyoaks, and for appearing in Convenience, The Hatten Garden Job, Back, Doctors, and The Last Kingdom.

John Partridge as Julius Caesar

John Partridge in Queen Cleopatra
John Partridge in Queen Cleopatra. Netflix/YouTube

Who is Julius Caesar? Julius Caesar was the Roman Emperor who had a relationship with Cleopatra.

Where have I seen John Partridge? Partridge is best-known for his role as Christian in EastEnders and for his extensive work in musical theatre.

Kaysha Woollery as Charmian

Who is Charmian? Charmian was a servant and trusted advisor of Cleopatra.

Where have I seen Kaysha Woollery? Woollery has appeared in Doctors and The Girlfriend Experience.

Andira Crichlow as Arsinoe

Who is Arsinoe? Arsinoe was the half sister of Cleopatra.

Where have I seen Andira Crichlow? This is Crichlow's first on-screen credit, other than a 2019 short film.

Queen Cleopatra is available on Netflix now. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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