Louis Theroux shares update on Drinking to Oblivion contributor Joe

Joe was one of the most memorable subjects of Theroux's recent BBC1 film


Louis Theroux documentaries are often so poignant, you’re left wondering what happened to some of the contributors who had particularly shocking or interesting stories to tell.


So it made us really happy to see that Theroux followed up with Joe Walker, a subject of his recent alcohol documentary Drinking to Oblivion, who was finally admitted to a detox programme.

Theroux tweeted that he’d had a coffee with Walker who was doing very well with his recovery.

It’s a stark contrast to the documentary which showed Walker in a very bad way. After four years sober, he’d spent months drinking a bottle or two of vodka a day and was then going through the horror of withdrawal, barely able to walk and crying with fear.


“What is it about Louis Theroux?” To read more about Drinking to Oblivion and Theroux’s work, look out for RadioTimes.com’s interview with his BBC team, available on the website this Saturday 18th June.