Jeremy Vine “sick of the danger of cycling in London” after sharing footage of close call with van

Vine called the driver's actions "disgusting behaviour" and said they were "risking my life"

Jeremy Vine cycling

Jeremy Vine has shared footage from a cycle helmet camera of an incident in which a van appeared to come close to knocking him off his bike.


The presenter was cycling to work at his Channel 5 show when a “frustrated” driver sped up to overtake a lorry on the inside lane, narrowly avoiding Vine on his bike.

Vine posted a short clip of the incident on Twitter, but after followers shared their concern and asked for further details he added a full video of his cycle ride, with annotations pointing out exactly what had happened and a final piece to camera in which he said he was “sick of the danger of cycling in London”.

“Well, I’m safe,” said Vine in the video, “but why should I have to be in such danger just trying to get to work? I’m sick of the danger, I’m sick of the danger of cycling in London.”

In an earlier post, Vine called the driver’s actions “disgusting behaviour” and said “he has literally not saved himself more than 2 seconds, while risking my life”.

When a van driver on Twitter suggested “traffic gives you more space if you wear a hi vis”, the presenter posted further footage of him leaving his house in the morning with flashing lights attached to his helmet and bike, asking “Is this enough?”.

Former British Olympic cycling champion Chris Boardman used Vine’s footage as an opportunity to ask the Department for Transport minister for a change in the law that would bring harsher punishment for careless and dangerous drivers.


Vine’s post also asked for “tips” for safer cycling, sparking a debate which you can read in the comments below.