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5 shows that Harry and Meghan could make on Netflix

Could the royal couple be the latest high-profile talents for the streaming service?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Published: Tuesday, 21st January 2020 at 10:30 am

Following their shock decision to step away from royal duties, there has been much talk about what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could possibly do next.


Netflix are one of the brands to express interest in the couple, with Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos telling PA that he would like to collaborate with them on a future project.

There is a precedent for high-profile public figures heading to the streaming service, given that it also distributed the documentary American Factory, produced by Barack and Michelle Obama's company Higher Ground.

Here are some ideas for original programming Harry and Meghan could possibly provide...


Documentaries are the obvious choice for Harry and Meghan to get involved in as it would allow them to raise awareness of the charitable causes they have previously supported.

Behind the Invictus Games

(Getty, TL)

Prince Harry launched the Invictus Games in 2014 as a sporting competition specifically for wounded, injured or sick military veterans to participate in.

Although he is stepping down from royal duties, the event looks set to continue until at least 2022 and could easily be the subject of a powerful documentary series.

Getting to know a selection of the athletes personally, including stories from their military service and their journey to the games has the potential to be very moving indeed.

Women's rights around the world

Meghan Markle is a proud feminist who may wish to explore issues affecting women right now, including lack of education for young girls in some countries or the stigmatisation of menstrual health and period poverty.

As a woman of colour, Markle has also been the victim of racism and this is another pressing topic that there would be huge scope to explore in a documentary format. She could bring particular gravitas to a series delving into media portrayals of race and women in power.

Exploring mental health

Prince Harry has spoken out about his struggles with mental health in the past, particularly around the tragic death of his mother when he was only a young boy.

Despite all of the attention that the topic receives these days, suicide remains the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, proving that more needs to be done to encourage them to open up.

Prince Harry could be a powerful choice to front a documentary series exploring prominent mental health conditions, talking to sufferers and perhaps even sharing more about his own experiences.

Meghan's return to acting

Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle in Suits (Getty, EH)
Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle in Suits

From the moment Harry and Meghan announced they were stepping down as senior royals, many speculated whether the Suits star would return to her acting career.

Right now this may seem quite far-fetched but should Harry and Meghan's transition go to plan, this may not seem such an odd concept a decade from now.

Plus, Netflix are well known for winning over high-profile talent with the likes of Martin Scorsese, David Fincher and Alfonso Cuarón among the prestige directors who have worked for them.

If the streaming service could package together a particularly A-list project, who knows what could happen...

Keeping Up with the Windsors

(Getty, JG)

OK, admittedly it seems unlikely that Harry and Meghan would let a camera crew into their home when they have expressed a sincere desire to live a less public life.

That effectively rules out an ongoing reality soap opera of endless length, the likes of which the Kardashians have pioneered.

However, on a more serious note, perhaps a one-off documentary could be produced following the couple as they settle into civilian life.

It would be a fascinating to see the inner workings of the transition and wouldn't require the couple to expose their private life in the long-term.



It remains to be seen whether Netflix will be able to entice the royal couple to their service, but it could be a huge win for them in the streaming wars if they can manage it...


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