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7 of the best weather presenter moments

Sunny spells throughout the afternoon with a few drops of comedy and the occasional cloud of profanity

Published: Friday, 2nd September 2016 at 2:10 pm

In Britain, where news of the weather is often rather bleak, it’s a relief to have a bit of drama in the form of uncontrollable laughter, hiccups and bug infestations.


All of the above are included in this collection of weird weather moments from around the world.

Cockroach: 1, Weather presenter: 0

This man is an absolute legend. The best thing about this is when he descends into gibberish mid-sentence at the sign of a cockroach, and then later when he cries: “That thang was crawling on ma leyygg!”

When a Pokémon Go addiction goes too far

Here, the reporter is SO engrossed in catching ‘em all that she walks right in front of her colleague presenting the weather. Priorities.

Spot the Star Wars puns

Sian Wellby manages to keep a completely straight face while lacing Star Wars puns into the weather forecast. A force to be reckoned with.

Louise Lear literally does not stop laughing

Whatever Simon McCoy said to make Louise Lear have a total meltdown while presenting the weather is still a mystery. Props to Jeremy Vine for capturing her laughing fit and sharing it with the world.

Weather presenter pronounces a Welsh town with 58 letters

This man deserves some kind of award. Who knows how long he practised for this moment but it was so worth it.

Schafernaker’s awkward mistake

Schafernaker. What a name. Try saying it 10 times and it loses all meaning.

When the human body just refuses to function normally


This poor man has a pretty serious case of the hiccups. He is probably worried he is going to turn into Charles Osborne, the guy who had hiccups for 68 yea- Oh forget it.


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